Complimenting expressions beserta contoh dan penggunaannya dalam dialog

Complimenting Expressions

Compliment dalam bahasa Indonesia diartikan dengan pujian, sehingga digunakan untuk memuji keberhasilan atau penampilan seseorang. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh tentang expressi pujian yang sering digunakan dalam bahasa inggris sehari hari.

What a wonderful performance
I must express my admiration to you
What a nice dress !
You look so gorgeous !
- Well done!
- Fantastic! 
- That's great!
- I like ....
- That/Those .... is/are nice.
- ..... look/looks nice on you.
- You do look nice in ....
- You have a beautiful hair.
- You have a nice voice.
- Mary got nine for English. What a clever girl.
- How beautiful flower is.
- What a beautiful flower.

Complimenting  on personal appearance / person’s clothes ( pujian tentang penampilan fisik seseorang)

1.       You look nice
2.       You look amazing
3.       What a lovely dress !
4.       What a lovely T-Shirt
5.       I like your T-Shirt very much
6.       What a beautiful hair
7.       You look amazing tonight
8.       I like your new haircut.
9.       That dress is very match for you

Compliment for cooking ( pujian untuk masakan )

1.       You are a great cooker
2.       What a delicious food
3.       This soup is very delicious, I like it very much
4.       You are really a good chef

Compliment for success/ achievement ( pujian untuk kesuksesan)

1.       You have done great job
2.       You make us proud
3.       We are proud of you
4.       Etc.

Dialogue about complimenting ( contoh dialog tentang Compliment)

Situations . Ayu and Fina are two friends, they have not met for a long time, one day, they met at the café and Ayu invited Fina to her House.

Ayu : Hi…Fina, long time not see. What are you doing here?
Fina : oh…i want to buy some drink, I am very tired because of my preparations on dance contest for next month.
Ayu: oh that good job for you, I really like your hard work.
FIna: I have no time to talk here, can you come to my house now, we will have much chats there.
Ayu : OK. I will come to your house.
Fina: this Is my house, I live with my parents here.
Ayu : oh What a beautiful house.
FIna : thank you very much. If you feel hungry you can take the cake, I also have tried some new recipe on the cake.
Ayu : oh it really delicious. You are great chef.

Dialogue about complimenting ( contoh dialog tentang Compliment)

Rahmi : Hello. How are things going on, Sinta ?
Sinta : Hi. Good, and you?
Rahmi : I’m feeling great today. How was your weekend with your family in Batu?
Sinta : Excellent! We had a lovely time there. You should have gone there with us.
Rahmi : Really? Hey, what a beautiful skirt you are wearing. It matches your blouse.
Sinta  : Thanks a lot. My sister bought it for me last month.
Rahmi  : Wow! That’s wonderful.
Sinta : Oh, Rahmi, can I ask you something?
Rahmi : Oh, sure. Please.
Sinta  : Have you finished writing the book we discussed two months ago?
Rahmi  : Yes. Come to my room. Look at this. What do you think?
Sinta  : Terrific. I like the cover. Let me see the contents.  This book is excellent. You really did a great job.
Rahmi  : Thanks a lot. You’ve inspired me to do this.
Sinta : Your publisher should send it to all bookstores here.
Rahmi  : Yes, you’re right. The publisher will do it for me.
Sinta : Well, that’s great. I am proud of you, Rahmi. By the way, I’ve got to go now. Have a nice day!

Rahmi  : You, too.

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