Contoh Diary dalam bahasa inggris

Diary dalam Bahasa Inggris

Diary dalam bahasa inggris tentang Kehidupan sehari hari

Dear diary,

Today I feel very happy. I think today is the best day in this month, everything is very amazing today. Starting with my grades in English. I never imagine I can get such a good grades in my English.I become the best student in the class. I get 95, wow this is amazing everyone in my class congratulated me, even my teacher, Fina Afriani, who teaches me English, congratulated my achievement.
The best day about today is not ended with my score in English, while going home with my friend, Ayu, the beautiful students in my school congratulate me about my score, she wants to learn English with me, but I know what I can do with her, she is  also a very smart students, she is very smart in English. But I have a passion with her. I know that with study with her will make my English getting better. She also invites me to  have a dinner. I feel very happy.

Diary dalam bahasa inggris tentang pengalaman  hari terburuk

Dear Diary
As you know that yesterday was the best day in this month, but today is the worst in this month. Everything starts well, but something wrong happens. Starting from going to school late because I had flat tire. It was unforgettable experience. And I am very frustrated with it. Then after coming late to school I forget that today I had test on Math, I really forgot to study the material before, so I could not do the examination well. I think I will get bad score this time. Everything was getting worse, at 12.00 am. I have lost my Smartphone, and I had tried to search everywhere, but I could not find it. I had just bought this Smartphone last month. And I know that if my parents know that I have lost my Smartphone, they will be very angry. So I decided to try to find it as soon as possible. But I feel very pessimist.

Diary dalam bahasa inggris tentang liburan

Dear Diary
Today was very fascinating, I and my classmate had a very interesting holiday. Yes, I felt this was the best holiday ever. We had prepared for this holiday since the beginning of this semester. We decided to visit Yogyakarta, we went there by bus. I would tell you about an unforgettable experience. The bus that took from my school to the Yogyakarta come late, all of us had been waiting for about an hour, it was really frustrating, but we waited patiently. When the bus come, we felt very happy. But some of my friends had gone to have a coffee at the coffee shop, oh my man, we must wait again. It was really test our patient.
Then the story continued at the Jogyakarta, in the city of that known for “ center of education” in Indonesia, you could watched so many big and renown University, starting from UGM, UNY, UMY and the others. I really wanted to study at UGM one day. Then we went to Malioboro it is the icon of Yogyakarta, then we go to the Pangandaran Beach that gave a very attractive view. And the last we went to the Borrobudur temple, there I took so many pictures, I hope I can repeat this exciting experience again.

Diary dalam bahasa inggris tentang liburan

January 27, 2013
I have mixed feelings about my cousin. Yes, I love him, but his being careless many times gets me annoyed, like this one.

It was Monday afternoon at that time. I was enjoying a TV show when I heard the bell of the ice cream vendor from a distance. That reminded me of something. I jumped from my seat and grabbed my wallet. I opened my wallet, and I was surprised. There were only a few rupiahs in it. Just a week ago, my auntie gave me more than enough for what I did for her. I am good at computer so she asked me to edit some photos from the last vacation.

I tried to remember where I spent my money during the past week. I remembered going to Jatim Park with my cousin, buying two tickets, two bowls of meatball soup, and two glasses of iced lemon tea. That was all. What else did I buy?

While I was busy thinking, my cousin stepped out of the front door and called the ice cream man. He looked at me and said, “Hey, wanna grab some ice cream? It’s on me.” And I said to myself, “Well it’s free, so why not?” We both picked our ice cream and enjoyed it while we were chilling out in the living room. I asked him “It is strange that you actually treated me ice cream”. He shrugged his shoulder and said “That’s because I got some money in my wallet.” “Where did you get it?” I asked him. He replied, “No idea, man. It was just suddenly there.” “What? Let me see your wallet!” I shouted. Then, I opened it and learned that the wallet was mine. I just remembered that we had the same wallets and they even had the same color. “This is mine,” I told him. “No way! Are you sure?” he asked. I showed him a card from the wallet and said, “Look, this is my student ID card. Just a while ago I was thinking why my money was all gone.” “Sorry, man. I didn’t know that it wasn’t mine. But, don’t worry I haven’t bought anything with that. Only this ice cream,” He explained with an innocent look. I took my wallet and said, “It is okay. I’m sorry you don’t have any cash now. Here, take 20 thousands and buy some more ice cream with it. Oh, and here’s your wallet. “Cool! Thanks, man!” he replied.

Yes, I hate his being careless. Fortunately, he is honest. Well, perhaps that’s why I

love him

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