contoh expression of asking attention, giving attention, asking opinion, appreciation

Expressing of Asking attention in front of the class

When you have to deliver announcement in front of class you need to express the expression to make you become the centre of attention. Below are some common expression used to make the class listen to your speech or announcement.

1. May I have your attention, please
2. Can I get the attention! Thanks
3. Excuse me!
4. Attention please!
5. Stop talking please…
6. Everybody, may I have your attention, please ?

Expression of giving attention

1. OK. I See you
2. Ok.
3. Yes sir/mam/madam
4. Really
5. I know what you mean
6. How interesting
7. What’s next

Several expressions to check someone’s understanding

Are you understand?
Do you know what I mean?
Do you understand the text?
Have you got the point ?
are you with me?

To give and ask opinion / Contoh contoh expression of asking and giving opinion

Asking opinion

What do you think of …?
What is your opinion about ….?
Do you have any other idea ?
Please say something about my ….?
Please, give your view/ opinion about ….

Giving opinion

I think that you are very beautiful with the dress
I have a view that you are so smart
I think you should have a louder voice
You are very …
I agree with your opinion

To show appreciation /expression of showing appreciation

you are very kind
thanks for the attention
you are the best
that is my son

Contoh dialog expression of asking attention and giving attention

This conversation happened in front of the class. The teacher is explaining the material , the students are not paying the teacher explanations.

Teachers : OK. Today we are going to learn about Simple past tense, do you know that is simple past tense.
Students : no
Teachers : O.K please pay the attention, I will describe what the simple past tense is…
Students : I see.
Teachers : have you known about simple past tense?
Students : yes, I have known a little, please explain again.
Teacher :O.K listen to my….
Students : You are best
Teachers : that’s my son

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