expressing opinion in English

Cara mengekspresikan opini dalam bahasa inggris

Dalam conversation bahasa inggris kita sering sekali dituntut untuk mengemukakan pendapat. Hal ini karena kita tidak mungkin selalu setuju atau tidak setuju dengan pendapat seorang.

Verb/ atau kata kerja yang digunakan untuk mengekspresikan opinion

Untuk membentuk ekpresi opinion kita sering sekali menggunakan kata kerja, sebenarnya arti dari kata kerja tersebut artinya hampir sama yaitu seteju, sendapat, percaya dan lain lain. Dan untuk menyangkal opionion atau pendapat kita tinggal mengubah kalimat tersebut menjadi kalimat negativ. Berikut adalah beberap akta kerja yang sering digunakan untuk mengekspresikan opinion/ pendapat.
Doubt ( meragukan)

Contoh contoh expressing opinion.

What i mean is .....
In my humble opinion ....
I would like to poit out that .....
To my mind.....
By this i mean .....
I am compelled to say ....
I reckon ....
As I see it ....
As I understand .....
From my point of view....
As far as I am concerned .....
I strongl believe that ....
According to me.....
In my experience.....
Personally, I think ....
I think ....
In my opinion ....

Asking opinion to someone

What do you think about .....?
How do you think ....?
What is your opinion about .....?
How is your opinion ?

Agreeing with opinion

I agree with your opinion
I think so
I feel you are right
Thats good opinion
I have same thought with you
Thats right
Thats true
You are abolutely correct

Disagreeing with opinion

I have another opinion with you
I totally disagree with you
I doubt about your opinion
I have another thought
I feel that you are wrong
I disagree
No, I think that....

Example of dialogue expressing opinion / contoh dialog yang mengekspresikan pendapat

Fina and Ayu are shopping at the mall
Fina : what do you think about this T-Shirt ? I want to buy some T-Shirt for the party next week.
Ayu : I think that blue one overthere is nicer for you. You will look beautiful if you wear that one.
Fina : but, I it is too big for my body.
Ayu: O.k lets find the right one for you, we still have so much time.
Fina : oh. I agree with you.

Common Material/ topic about Opinion on debate/ materi materi umum untuk debat dalam pendapat bahasa inggris.

Smoking should be banned in Public places

Agreeing opionion = I agree with you, because smoking is not ony bad for the smoker but also bad for the non smoker who breathe the cigarette smoke. So if non smoker sits with smoker, they will get bad effect for the Cigarrette

Disgreeing opinion = I think that I have another opinion. Smoking is bad, but if the smoker knows the right place to smoke and it does not bother the others that will be right. As long as the smoker know the position to light the cigarrette it will be o.k

Children for Junior high school should not allowed to bring the smartphone to school

Aggreing opinion : yes I totally agree with you, as student , they have to pay attentio to their teacher. If students bring the smartphone to the class, they will not pay attention to their teacher. And it is very bad. In addition, bringing the smartphone to school only will create the gap between the rich and the poors getting bigger.

Disagreeing opinion = I disagree with you, because we can have a comunications easily using Smartphone, if your teacher gives some material on internet, using smartphone they can find it easily. It very helpful to study using smartphone.

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