Expressing Sympathy
Expressing Sympathy 

Expressing Sympathy / Care

Sympathy expression digunakan untuk menyatakan kesedihan atas kemalangan atau peristiwa buruk yang menimpa orang lain. Expressi ini digunakan untuk menyemangati orang yang sedang menderita tersebut.

Contoh Contoh ungkapan Sympathy / Care

 I’m sorry to hear that.
 Oh, dear. I know how it feels.
 What a terrible situation for you!
 Poor you.
 What a shame!
 You must be upset.
 Please accept my condolences!
 You have my deepest sympathy.
 What a terrible situation!
 That’s a pity!
 Oh, that’s so awful.

Responding Sympathy

I would be OK, thank you very much for your support
Ø Thanks for your support
 Ø That’s a pity, isn’t it?
Ø I hope so
 Ø That’s life
 Ø God gives and God takes away
 Ø It’s God’s will, I suppose
Ø There’s nothing that can be done about it
Ø That’s very kind of you
ØThank you

Contoh Ungkapan Sympaty /care dalam dialog

Kath     : “Why do you so nervous dear?”
Mellanie : “What a fool, I forgot to bring my homework and assignment. In fact, I prepared them on the desk, but I forgot to bring them.
Kath     : “Oh.. I’m sorry to hear that, Mell”
Mellanie : “So, what must I do?”
Kath     : “I think, you’d better tell the truth to Mrs. Wrame about it. I think she’ll understand. Then, you can submit your work tomorrow”
Mellanie : “You’re right. Thanks for your concern”

Kath     : “Not at all”.

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