Materi SMP Bahasa Inggris kelas IX tentang ekspressi hopes, wishes, and congratulate.

Ungkapan Congratulations digunakan atau diucapkan kepada orang atas kesuksesan, prestasi dan keberuntungan mereka.

Ungkapan wishes atau hope digunakan untuk mendoakan orang orang untuk mencapai kesuksesan, prestasi dan keberuntungan

contoh ucapan hopes, wishes, dan congratulate dalam dialog perhatikan contohnya dibawah ini.

Teacher : The winner of the story – telling competition in this class is Lina. Congratulations Lina

Students : Congratulations Lina

Lina : Thank you,Mom. Thank you,everybody

Teacher : Lina, because you are the winner of the story-telling competition in this class, you will represent this class for the story-telling competition of our school next month Prepare your best for the competition, will you? I hope you will win the first prize, too. Good luck.

Lina : I hope so too, Mam. Yes, I will do my best.

Edo : Lina, you are a very good story teller. I’m sure you will win the school’s story-telling competition. Good luck

Lina : Thank you Edo.

Friend 1 : Congratulations for being the champion of the class, Lina! I hope you will be the winner of the school’s competition too.

Lina : Thanks. I hope so too.

Friend 2 : Lina, I’m happy for you. Congratulations. I hope you will win the "rst prize in the school’s competition.

Lina : Thank you. Wish me luck.

Friend 3 : Congratulations Lina. It’s your dream to go to the school’s story telling competition, isn’t it?

Lina : Yes, it’s my dream. And I have practiced everyday for the last two months with my dad.

Friends : Sure, you have to work hard for your dreams. Good luck

Lina : Thank you, Siti, Udin, for your support.

Contoh soal expressing hope, Wishes, congratulate dan pembahasannya.


Siti has just made a very beautiful handycraft from pandan leaf. Beni praises her craft and hope that she will win the national competition.

Beni: “That’s a very beautiful handycraft. I’m sure you will win the national competition.”
Edo: “Thank you. I hope so too.”

Situation 2:

Lina has just finished drawing a picture of Mrs. Ani, her English teacher. She will present it to her on her birthday. Siti praises the picture and she’s sure that Mrs. Ani will like it. (

Siti : Lina it is a very beautiful picture, I am sure that Mrs. Ani will be very happy about it.
Beni : “Thanks. I hope so too.”

Situation 3:

Udin has just Finished making fried tofu for his friends. Dayu says that it looks nice and she’s sure that everybody will like it.

Dayu : you are great chef Udin. I am sure that your friend will like it.
Siti : “Thank you. I hope so too.”

Situation 5:

Siti has just finished practicing singing. She will sing in the celebration of the Kartini Day. Dayu praises her that she sings like a real singer, and she will get a big applause for that.

Dayu : you have a very beautiful voice, I am sure that you will get a big applause from the audience.
SIti : “Thank you. That’s very nice of you.”

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