Forming Nouns from Verb

Kata benda atau Noun dapat terjadi melalui penambahan pada kata kerja ( Verb) ,pembentukan kata benda dari verb tersebut biasanya ditambahi oleh imbuhan atau suffix, berikut adalah beberapa imbuhan imbuhan pembentuk kata kerja dar Verb beserta contohnya

arrive –arrival
approve – approval
deny –denial
propose –proposal
refuse – refusal
dismiss – dismissal

attend –attendance
accept –acceptance
prefer – preference
insure – insurance
refer – reference
exist –existence

educate – education
inform – information
eliminate – elimination
declare – declaration
combine – combination
immigrate – immigration

confuse – confusion
decide – decision
divide –division
revise – revision
impress – impression

depart – departure
erase – erasure
fail – failure
enclose – enclosure
press – pressure
legislate – legislature

agree– agreement
pay – payment
employ – employment
argue – argument
punish – punishment
govern – government

break – breakage
post – postage
pack – package
pass – passage
bag– baggage
marry – marriage

bless – blessing
land – landing
write – writing
feed – feeding
end –ending
seat – seating

cream – creamery
slave (N) – slavery
bake –bakery
brave (Adj) – bravery
brew – brewery
machine (N) – machinery

setelah sudah mengerti pembententukan tersebut sekarang kita beralih ke penggunaanya, ingat namanya saja kata benda berarti posisinya berupa subject atau Object, dan kalian harus bisa mengira ngira kapan harus menggunakan kata kerja dan kata benda tersebut berdarkan posisinya. Berikut adalah contohya dalam kalimat

contoh Pembentukan kata benda " Noun" dari kata kerja " Verb"

1. a. We need to register soon.

b. The registration is on a first-come basis

pada dua kalimat diatas kata Register ( Verb) mendapat akhiran - Ion sehingga menjadi Noun dan fungsi noun disini adalah sebagai subject

2. a. CJes Entertainment has decided to cancel the concert.

b. The cancellation of the concert is announced by Faith & D Entertainment Management. pada kalimat diatas pembentukan kata benda Noun pada kata Cancelation juga berasal dari akhiran - ion pada kata kerja " CanceL" dan fungsi dari kata benda tersebut juga berfungsi sebagai object

3. a. He is trying to deny the evidence that the police have presented.

b. His denial appears very ridiculous.

pada dua kalimat diatas adalah pembentukan kata benda " denial" berasal dari kata kerja " Deny" dengan akhran -ial

4. a. CJes did not approve the concert plans by Faith & D Entertainment Management.

b. It was unfortunate that the approval from the artiste agency was not granted.

kata benda Approval berasal dari kata kerja Approve, dengan akhiran -al,

soal pembentukan kata benda dari kata kerja dalam bahasa inggris

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in italics.

1. They are going to reserve a room in a local hotel. The __________ can be done through email.

2.The artiste agency has to decide on the concert cancellation. The agency’s__________has to be respected.

3. Dany was permitted by his father to try a new car.The __________ period lasted for a week.

4.The internet connects people around the world easily. This school has a very excellent internet __________.

5.The beginning part of a story orients readers with the setting. The quality of this__________usually determines whether readers would continue reading or not.

6. Joe wanted to bury the dead body of his pet Bonnie at the backyard. He hoped that this............. would bring good memories.

7.The students are planning to organize a trip to the beach. The__________ is supervised by the vice headmaster for student affairs.

8.Riza hopes that his supervisor would approve his proposal. The __________, however, is subject to the revision he is doing at the moment.

9. The teacher will divide the class into two. The __________is based on the attendance list.

10.The students are being trained to communicate effectively in public. Public __________is one of essential skills in this global era.

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